A WORd from our founder

Hi, I'm Poppy

As the founder of Loud Poppy, I've chosen to stay behind the scenes, embracing the powerful role of a quiet architect shaping a world of beauty and empowerment. My career journey has been marked by features in Forbes, CNN, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, yet I believe the true essence of Loud Poppy lies not in my story, but in the stories of the remarkable women we serve. By remaining hidden, I focus the spotlight on the diverse, vibrant voices of our community. This anonymity allows me to create not as a singular face, but as a collective force, channeling my passion and expertise into products that celebrate and uplift every woman who joins our journey. In this way, Loud Poppy becomes a canvas for each individual's beauty narrative, transcending the need for a figurehead and instead, creating a mosaic of empowerment and innovation.

About Loud Poppy: Empowerment, Beauty, and Innovation

At Loud Poppy, we're more than just a brand – we're a movement. Founded by the visionary, whom we will refer to as 'Poppy', who has graced Forbes, CNN, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, we're here to redefine beauty norms and empower every woman to shine. Poppy, with her extensive experience in launching successful brands, steps back to shine the spotlight on you, our esteemed customer.

Our Mission: Your Beauty, Your Story

Loud Poppy isn't just about offering top-tier beauty products; it's a platform for women from all walks of life to share their unique stories. We celebrate your journey with our monthly "Poppy Pouch Giveaway" – a satin pouch of handpicked goodies and a check from our a portion of our profits to help fuel the winners dreams, ambitions, or even that designer bag they've had their eye on, symbolizing our commitment to giving back and uplifting women everywhere.

Empowerment Through Beauty

Our origin is rooted in a powerful vision – to create a world where every woman feels empowered to reveal her unique beauty. Poppy's own struggle with hair health led to an epiphany: with the right care and superior products, amazing hair is within reach for everyone. Loud Poppy is more than products; it's a guide to achieving your hair goals, offering wisdom beyond the bottle.

Overcoming Tall Poppy Syndrome

Poppy's personal experiences with 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' – the social phenomenon where people are cut down when they start to shine – fuels our ethos. We understand the challenges women face and are dedicated to supporting you in your rise to success.

Kind to You, Kind to the Planet

We proudly craft vegan, cruelty-free beauty solutions, ensuring our products are as kind to your skin and hair as they are to the environment. Our woman-led team is finely attuned to the unique beauty needs of women, ensuring every product we offer is both safe and effective.

Innovation at Our Core: PC-80

What sets Loud Poppy apart? Our revolutionary ingredient – PC-80. This water-soluble hemp-derived molecule, developed in FDA-audited facilities, is a beauty industry game-changer. PC-80 isn't just an ingredient; it's a testament to our commitment to combining science and nature for unparalleled product efficacy.

A Testament to Nature and Science

Our products are more than formulations; they are a blend of science and nature's magic. We don't just follow beauty trends – we set them. Each product from our labs is crafted to be the best in its class, embodying our ethos: fueled by nature, perfected by science.

Join the Loud Poppy Journey

Embark on this radiant journey with us, as we explore the realms of beauty, empowerment, and innovation. With Loud Poppy, your beauty adventure is bound to be as vibrant and unique as you are.

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