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The Loud Poppy difference

Fueled by Nature-Perfected by Science

Dive into Our Blend of Pure, Hair-Loving Vegan Ingredients – Naturally Nurturing, Uniquely Effective

Introducing BotanaTech™ Bonding Hair Oil: Revolutionize Your Hair Care Routine - Coming Soon!

Get ready to transform your hair care experience with the soon-to-arrive BotanaTech™ Bonding Hair Oil from Loud Poppy – the ultimate blend of science and nature, exclusively crafted for the modern, empowered woman. Infused with our groundbreaking PC-80 molecule and a rich mix of botanical extracts, this innovative hair oil is designed to nourish, strengthen, and bond your hair like never before.

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Discover the Power of Root Loot: Your Ultimate Scalp Supplement - Arriving Soon!

Understanding the foundation of healthy hair begins at the scalp. Root Loot is meticulously crafted to hydrate, nourish, and invigorate your scalp, paving the way for lush, vibrant hair. Infused with our exclusive PC-80 molecule, and colloidal gold and silver, this innovative, topical scalp supplement is engineered to maximize nutrient absorption, promoting stronger, healthier hair growth.

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  • Innovation and Commitment.

    Our range of hair and skin care products, including both topical and nutritional supplements, are crafted with predominantly sustainably sourced, cruelty free ingredients. Ingredients proven to enhance hair growth, diminish fallout, and rejuvenate damaged follicles, all while safeguarding your hair from environmental stressors.

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  • Balanced blend of botanicals and innovative science.

    Our formulas, developed by expert women formulators and scientists, are engineered to work synergistically, establishing the perfect environment for lush, vibrant hair. We believe in ethical beauty products-that actually work. With Loud Poppy, you're not just using a product; you're experiencing the fusion of science, sustainability, and female empowerment for hair that truly blooms.

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  • Empowering Women: A Portion of Profits for a Greater Cause

    At Loud Poppy, empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. A portion of our profits goes towards supporting women who are striving to have their voices heard. By choosing our products, you're not just treating yourself to the pinnacle of beauty care; you're also becoming a part of a larger movement to uplift and empower women globally.

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  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Your Trust, Our Commitment

    At Loud Poppy, we're not just about creating exceptional, science-backed beauty products; we're about understanding and addressing the unique needs of every woman. We believe that beauty is not one-size-fits-all. Each woman's hair and skin are as unique as her life's journey. Acknowledging this, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products.

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  • Why is my hair breaking?

    Struggling with dry and brittle hair? You're not alone. At Loud Poppy, we understand the challenges of maintaining healthy, vibrant hair. That's why we've crafted a unique line of moisturizing hair care products, designed specifically for women seeking a blend of nature and science. Loud Poppy: Empowering, science-backed beauty. Vegan, cruelty-free, with innovative PC-80. For vibrant women who choose ethics and efficacy.

  • Longing for Long and Luxurious Locks?

    Loud Poppy is here to turn your hair dreams into reality. Our innovative hair care range, featuring the groundbreaking PC-80 molecule, is designed to nurture and strengthen your hair from root to tip. Infused with natural ingredients and backed by science, our products like Root Loot - a powerful scalp supplement, and BotanaTech™ Bonding Hair Oil, work synergistically to stimulate hair growth, enhance strength, and provide the essential nutrients for healthy, long hair. A

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