Unleash the Ultimate Secret to Luxuriously Nourished Hair

Bloom Bond Moisturizing Conditioner- Your Solution to Dry and Brittle hair

Say Bye Bye breakage and hello to hydration and shine

Revolutionary PC-80 Formula: PC-80 ensures optimal solubility and enhanced biological response, making Bloom Bond not just a conditioner but a hair health booster.

Intense Moisturization: Deeply hydrates your hair, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. Its unique formula locks in moisture, ensuring long-lasting hydration and shine.

Strengthening Bond Technology: Fortified with Vitamins A, D, and E, and vegetable proteins, Bloom Bond enhances moisture retention and strengthens hair bonds, reducing breakage and promoting healthier hair growth.

Natural and Organic Extracts: Infused with organic extracts like Sage, Horsetail, Marigold, Chamomile, Ginseng, and Aloe Vera, Bloom Bond nourishes your hair with the goodness of nature, enhancing its texture and shine.

Gentle and Balancing: pH-balanced and gentle for all hair types. Its gentle formula makes it suitable for daily use, maintaining the natural balance of your scalp and hair.

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Loud Poppy

Bloom Bond 12 ml Sample - Elevate Your Hair's Health and Shine

Bloom Bond 12 ml Sample - Elevate Your Hair's Health and Shine

Our #1 solution for Moisturizing Your Locks. When your hair is moisturized and protected, you can get closer to your hair growth goals. We guarantee you see results-or your money back*. Read More about our Poppy Promise.

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Introducing the Bloom Bond Loud Poppy, a luxurious conditioner that's more than just a hair care product—it's a celebration of empowered, healthy hair.

Crafted by expert female formulators, this Moisturizing and Bonding Conditioner is designed to meet the unique needs of women who desire both ethical and effective hair solutions.

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Rich Moisturizing Blend: Indulge in the deeply nourishing effects of our Bloom Bond. Its unique formula provides exceptional moisture retention, transforming dry, brittle hair into silky, vibrant locks.

Fortified with Vitamins and Organic Extracts: Enriched with Vitamins A, D, & E and a medley of organic extracts like Sage Leaf, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera, Bloom Bond revitalizes your hair, imparting strength, shine, and softness.

PC-80 Powered: Experience the revolutionary benefits of PC-80, our proprietary, scientifically advanced ingredient. Its optimized solubility and efficacy in Bloom Bond ensure superior hair health and vibrancy.

Gentle Yet Effective: Formulated to be gentle for all hair types, Bloom Bond maintains a balanced pH level, providing an ideal environment for hair strength and growth.

Pure and Safe: Our commitment to cruelty-free, vegan beauty is unwavering. Bloom Bond is free from gluten, parabens, soy, sulfates, and harsh chemicals, ensuring a pure, gentle touch.


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The Magic of PC-80 In every bottle

Introducing the heart of our Bloom Bond formula-PC-80. This groundbreaking molecule is not just an ingredient; it's a game-changer in hair care science. Developed by top notch experts, PC-80 is the secret behind the unmatched effectiveness of Bloom Bond.

The Loud Poppy Promise

You can have total shopping confidence with our risk free- 30 day money back guarantee on all hair and skin care

We guarantee effective, vegan and cruelty free products; Made by women-for women. At Loud Poppy, we are all about empowerment. A portion of our profits is given back to the Loud Poppy community through our Loud Poppy Platform.