Discover PC-80: The Revolutionary Solubilizer Transforming Beauty Care

What is Polycannabonate (PC-80) | CannaSorb (CS)?

Polycannabonate (PC-80) or CannaSorb is an active solubilizer, both oil and water-soluble, and comes in a light amber, viscous liquid form. It is derived from hemp in the USA using a proprietary method and does not have any odor. PC-80 is designed to be versatile, and it can be used in a range of concentrations, typically between 0.5% and 5.0%+ depending on the desired effect. It is a highly effective ingredient in products, acting as a solubilizer that naturally homogenizes oil-based ingredients into water-based systems, thus diluting clear at all concentrations.

Benefits of PC-80 in Hair Care, Body Care, and Skin Care

  1. Fast-Acting Effects: PC-80 can transform any formula into a fast-acting product, typically showing effects within 5-12 minutes of application.
  2. Enhanced Bioavailability: As an advanced delivery system, PC-80 significantly improves the bioavailability of active ingredients in the body, amplifying their effects.
  3. Increased Efficacy in Gene Expression: Compared to C B D isolate, PC-80 shows significantly higher activity in gene expression related to various functions such as pain and inflammation, wound healing, skin hydration, and more. This implies a broader and more potent impact on cellular processes and physiological responses.

Unique Properties and Safety

PC-80 is 100% active and demonstrates 216,000% more biological activity compared to C B D isolate. It is non-toxic at all studied doses and is pending GRAS approval. Notably, PC-80 does not use polymers or binding agents, which means there are no barriers to absorption. This makes it an ideal ingredient for a wide range of products, including cosmetics, edibles, nutraceuticals, supplements, vape cartridges, beverages, pet products, and intimacy products​​.

Applications in Product Development

With its ability to enhance the performance and delivery of all ingredients in a product formula, PC-80 offers a unique advantage in developing high-performance products in the beauty and wellness sectors. Its compatibility with both oil and water-based systems allows for innovative formulations in hair care, body care, and skincare products, contributing to their effectiveness and appeal.

Polycannabonate (PC-80) / CannaSorb is a groundbreaking ingredient with extensive applications in various consumer products. Its ability to enhance bioavailability and efficacy makes it a valuable addition to formulations aimed at delivering superior performance and results.

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